Backlog DataEntry

Why Backlog Data Entry?

As a growing company, we understand how busy it gets trying to figure out or scale your business model…

At this stage, it is very easy to move your periodic book-keeping to the back burner or in worse cases, completely ignored.

If you do not have the right kind of help early on enough, your bookkeeping backlog will continue to grow.

Once you have a bookkeeping backlog and a growing mound of paperwork, it becomes even more difficult because you also have to make a big chunk of time available to search for old receipts and documents scattered all over the place.

Our Backlog Data Entry bundles are designed to help you keep account of your bookkeeping backlog and a growing mound of paperwork left unattended from your bank statement and other cash expense/income record, using our QuestSheet application.

Data Entry Lite

  • Months of backlog
  • <500 transaction
  • 1 business
  • 3 bank statements
  • Cancel anytime

Medium Package

  • 1 year of backlog
  • 2,500 transaction
  • 1 business
  • 5 bank statements
  • Cancel anytime

Premium Package

  • Years of backlog
  • 6,000 transaction
  • 1 business
  • 9 bank statements
  • Cancel anytime
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